Student Travel Grants

*for eligible NSA and NSNZ financial student members*

Each year the NSA and NSNZ Council provides some funding to assist student members to travel to that year’s Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM). The amount allocated to individual applicants depend on the number of applications received and the location of the meeting.

Criteria and Application Process

  1. An applicant for a Student Travel Grant must be a current financial student member of the NSA or NSNZ or have applied for membership by 30 June.
  2. Recipients of travel grant must have submitted an abstract for the ASM. Travel grant is contingent on the acceptance of the abstract.
  3. Travel grant applications will be reviewed by the NSA/NSNZ council and the applicants will be notified by the Secretariat of the amount of the grant.
  4. Recipients of the travel grant will be expected to deliver a practice presentation of their paper at a local meeting held just prior to the ASM.
  5. A statement from the applicants’ Head of Department/Research Supervisor is required to apply for the grant (click here for the template). Email the signed copy (in PDF format) to by COB 30 June 2017.